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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the breaking news is out of san jose where police tracked an escaped inmate to an apartment complex, but at this hour, he is remaining one step ahead of authorities. i'm janelle in for you tonight
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with raj mathai. >> peggy, what are you seeing? >> well there were no hunt but then we learned that we had to get back here, because now the police are believing that the suspect hid out for a short amount of time here and the residents here in fruit veil areailfruitvail are on edge to night. >> reporter: the massive search brought out the canine units, and police were searching the trunks and cars of anyone leaving and frightened residents choosing to leave. tay say that convicted sex offend er offender john carter may have fled his prison clothing after a
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routine visit in a clinic and that they came home and found their home broken into, and carter may have hid out here. >> we are hoping they find him here to night. >> and generally they go without a hitch, and again, the deputies did a great job. >> reporter: parents are panicking as the schools found roadblocks around the schools, and the parents said they received no alerts about the perceived child molester. >> i saw that the streets were blocked off and i am walking up to get my daughter from the day-care and wondering what is going on. >> reporter: neighbors said they have had police helicopters overhead. >> i texted with the alert, and when you have helicopters like this, everybody is like well,
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what is going on? >> reporter: and as of now shgs, they have not apprehended carter, but the scene has e slowed down here at the sierra crest apartments. many neighbors are popping out to ask have they found him yet? and they are very much concerned. peggy bunker here for nbc news. >> thank you. and it has happened again, the second attempted kidnapping in as many ways. hayward police saying that the cases could be related. at 4:00 this afternoon, a 16-year-old girl was walking home from high skoolchool when a man tried to pull him her into his car between whitman and sick more. and then february 20th, a same story where a girl was near ebony and joshua street. in both cases the girls fought off the man and ran. the description of the man
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stands out because both girls say that he was driving a white car, and newer model honda civic with paper plates. and now, two screeners are being accused of taking bribes to help a drug smuggler. tay say that the man paid them off to allow him to carry large quantities of methamphetamine through security. and tonight security was stepped up because chris brown is giving a concert to night. last time he was here three people were shot. >> reporter: the ro promise to night a safe concert, and san jose police delivered. hundreds of people poured into the arena under tight security. >> reporter: they came to see --
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>> chris brown. >> chris brown. >> reporter: here at the sap center to night. and the concertgoers did not mind the long lines and tight security. >> i love you, chris brown. >> reporter: and the grammy winning singer's concert comes two months after gunfire erupted at to see yes, sir ta nightclub in san jose. five people were wounded. to night, san jose police are sending out a strong message to the concertgoers they don't want any trouble. >> we will be out enforce. >> and they is a that every unit including s.w.a.t. teams will be pa e trolling to streets. >> we have security forces increased both insooidide and outside of the arena as well. we will be monitoring the garage structures. >> there is a heavy presence with the officers working undercover and in january, they
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had no effect on the loyal fans. >> it was not his fault, and the people inside of the club, and in the security, and the next time, they will be handling the business. >> and i heard what happened before, but i am expecting the best. we are excited. >> he is an entertainer, and it comes with the business, and we are here to have fun. >> reporter: and the san jose police say they made several arrests, and the charge, drunk in public. in san jose cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. just in, a city of berkeley is saying that a person with the measles was on the west brank library at san pablo, and university ave neur. that person was also at the branch library on kittredge street. and they are warning that people who are at the libraries are monitoring for symptoms until march 21st, and it is not confirmed, but just suspected. and now, a former ucsf
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doctor removed patient records from the hospital record. and officials are looking into how many patients are affected here, and no word on why they removed that record. last year somebody stole the uc sshgs ucsf papers. >> a car came crashing through a nail salon in fillmore this afternoon, and the first responder mistakingly hit the gas instead of the brakes but the services were tied up for hours. actor harrison continues to recover in a l.a. hospital tonight. his vintage airplane was haul eded away away near the golf course. the actor reported engine failure before making the crash landing yesterday. ford is getting rave reviews for
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landing the the plane without injuring anybody on the ground. you may remember the landing of a prominent attorney at the hayward golf course when his single-engine plane lost power shortly after take off and today, he told us his thoughts on harrison ford's accident. >> he just wanted to stop the plane and go down the fairway to prevent hurting anybody. and the motive a santa clara teenager was asked to come outside by his friend, and then he was brutally attacked and it was witnessed by his friends. >> reporter: santa clara police say they did not release any
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information on this because of the three suspects, but now they are calling this a heinous crime. the district attorney's office says that the 15-year-old male victim was told to meet up with acoworker and when he went outside, he was beaten up. the neighbor heard the motion commotion. >> i saw the car coming out, and i heard pop as the little guy was down on the street. >> she said that they shot the kid in the thigh shattering the femur femur. >> it is just terrifying that somebody would step to that level of violence. >> and they say that he also pointed the gun to witnesses, and reyes lives next door and was nearly hit. >> that post, that post saved my life. >> reporter: and officers say that the neighbor's alertness helped them to catch him.
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>> the community responded and the police were able to come to the scene quickly, and that helped the investigation. >> reporter: and the police identified the coworker as crystal pajimola and ralph hamby and manual yayayala was the driver of the car, and all three of them will be facing attempted murd murder charges. >> i am glad they are caught and off of the street. >> the neighbors say that the 15-year-old live ed ind in the area where with a family, but has already moved n. santa clara to night, ian kole nbc bay area news. police officers are on the edge after several threats. it may have to do with the officer-involved shooting in december, and since then, they have been receiving threats from a east oakland gang. one officer was followed home by four men in a car after his shift ended, and the department
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has to be more cautious on and off of the job. >> and at 11:00, it is a light hearted expression, but some say it is no laughing matter. a serious campaign to get facebook to pull it from the social network. and people in the bay area are trying to do the unthink theable, put down the smart phones and computers for 24 hour, and how some are getting help to night. >> i'm jeff ranieri today, and it was warm to today, and it will be temperatures shooting up to 74 by 1:00 p.m., and will they reach 80? i will have the details on the beach weather for tomorrow.
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okay. if you can put away the smartphone and the tablet. can you do it for 24 hours? well, some people are trying. it is officially the national day of unplugging. nbc jeanne ellie is live where people are turn ging off the technology and talking face-to-face with each other, and how is it going, jeanne? >> well, they are having a great time, and this device-free party
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is sold out. and no smartphones, means no text org tweeting, and only talk g talking talking. organizers say that kids and adults need to rekonconnect in person. >> reporter: digital detox is no joke on the national day of o unplugging. hundreds of people checked their phones at the door and some people in line are a little nervous. >> and i'm pretty attached to it and it is going to be hard but i am up for trying new things. >> the typewrite ser a new thing for this 22-year-old who says she is always konconnected. >> it is a release kind of. >> and a relief to be out of touch. >> it is many my own time right now to do what i please and people can't be distracting me. >> reporter: and while the adults are getting used to having the hands free at the cam camp, kids who are unplugging, they want the parents to know that it is important. >> and teenagers don't want to
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be with their parents all of the time, and they talked about how alone they feel when they are with their parents, because they get the hand i'm busy. >> if my dad has the ipad, and a computer and a phone -- >> reporter: the kids are tuned into every device, and at the playground, some kids are missing the action and they say they know when they are being ignored. >> a dad was chaperoning with the group, and he was text inging the entire time. >> reporter: and the 9-year-old supports the idea of unplugging but says it won't be easy. >> well, it is going to be difficult for the adult, because the facebook account won't be up updated for an entire day. >> and this facebook party is going to make it easier to unplug, and it is a cell phone sleeping bag to put your phone inside and put it asleep for a day or two. reporting live in san francisco i'm jeanne ellie. >> and #nofo. >> and the guard is changing
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at&t is out, and apple is in. and apple is part of the dow jones industrial average replacing at&t. the industrial average is made up of only 30 companies, and the choice to include apple is clear because it is the largest american company in market value, and at&t was part of the industrial average since 1916, but no more, and the change takes place the 19th of march. it start ded with one donor giving the gift of life, but it ended in 12 people in part of the two-day kidney transplant chain that made history in san francisco. essentially, six people donated the good kidneys to six people in need. over the past two days, the team of docktors performed the surgeries at the cal medical center. they say that all of the patient are resting comfortably. and now, a sad sight today, as a body of a humpback whale
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washed asore and died.trying to figure out what killed it. it will be pulled out to sea or buried, and they are asking beachgoers to stay to away, pa because they have that part of the beach home of endangered birds. and also, another rescue, a deer was stuck in a fence. it was able to get free with the help of palo alto services officer, and as you can see, it cannot wait to run off. >> just took off. >> nice weather to get to, right? >> yes. and we will be taking off with the beach forecast or the wine country forecast and everything else. >> well, i have to cover a lot, raj. well, we will get it cover ded for you, and today, if you are like that, it was a preview of what to be expecting throughout the weekend. gilroy 80 and napa 78 and
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pacifica, 84. and now, going outside with the skycamera, no huge problems arc on the other hand surprise there. and 54 in the south bay with the clear skies, and 49 in the east bay, and now in san francisco, milder, and for the north bay, 48. >> and tomorrow morning, starting off chillily, and not near the freezing mark, and you will see them down near the bay, and it is going to be upper 30s tomorrow. and we will average 42 in the east bay, and i really think that we will see the coldest temperatures from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. here is the bottom line no rainfall is expected this weekend, and if i could change it, i would. we will be feeling guilty, but for the rest of us this weekend, we will enjoy the awesome weather. 76 in san jose and temperatures
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are 10 to 15 degrees above average, and looks like morgan hill, you will do it, and jumping up to 80 degrees, and for a pacifica, 75 there at the coastline, and for the beaches, 70s, and in palo alto mid-70s, and it is the dry offshore wind that we are looking at all week long. and in forest hill, slight onshore wind that we will will have continuing there, and that is when the temperatures are down to downtown san francisco. and now over to the north bay, and east bay, and tri-valley. santa rosa at 79 and back here to la mir rin da is 73, and livermore is expect inging more.
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and looking for the the onshore numbers near half moon bay to drop the numbers. so san francisco on saturday, 75. once the onshore flow gets here, we will drop to 71 by saturday and by monday and tuesday and wednesday, you are in the 60s an slight, and i mean, slight, and 20% chance of showers by wednesday. and san jose stay ing ining in the 70s as we go to saturday, and sunday, and monday, and tuesday, and eventually by wednesday, we should see the numbers drop down into the 60s. in terms of the beach weather mixed in, we have it coming our way. looking to wrap it up saturday is the best way if you are heading out to the beach. santa cruz is going to be 76, and by sunday, it will drop a few ke grees, so my bet is on saturday for the beach day. as you are headed out to lake
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tahoe, we will have some key spring weather here to take a look at a it. and saturday and sunday, and the temperatures in the 50s and a slight chance of e snow wednesday, and all in all, a great forecast if you are headed up to the lake tahoe. >> yes. >> and don't forget to spring forward because we will lose an hour of sleep, but we will gain an hour of sunshine. >> yes. that is right. >> and it is a symbol, but some people say it is sending the wrong message, and why facebook is under fire.
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it is crunch time for the bay area float builders, because tomorrow is the san francisco annual chinese new year's parade and named one of the top ten in the world. we got a sneak peek as the crews put the finishing touches on the floats this afternoon. >> i am feeling good, because we are really really close. the floats are fantastic, and all of the work is doing the final touchup, and making sure that everything is nicely secured and we didn't forget the
11:25 pm
details. >> and the parade starts at 6:00 p.m., and the bleacher tickets are sold out, but you can sit anywhere on the route from second and market to columbus and jackson. and 10,000 people are expected to the parade to celebrate the year of the ram. >> happy and sad and upset are some of the emojis you can use on facebook, but what about fat? the social network website is having a lot of heat over feeling fat. they say that the emoticon makes it feel that it is okay to have body shame. there is a facebook petition to stop this. facebook says they are not going to remove the emoji, but they continue to listen to protesters.
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my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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good ooefevening, geraud moncure here in the comcast sports studios studios. the mavs had beat the ws six straight, and dallas missing forward chandler parsons due to injury, and he had averaged 23
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points and not good news with the mavs on the back-to-back games, and steph curry had dropped 51 in the oracle. and now, curry doing it on the the defensive end as well, and he comes up with the steal, and pushes the tempo, and pulls up for the three-ball. count it. spike lee is in the house, and he is impressed. tird the quarter, and the ws are cruising and andre iguodola with the shot and the warrior win it without much of a challenge. >> the way we came out defensively, we did a great job on those guys. i don't think that we performed well on offense today, but the way we defend and able to get out to run a little bit, it changed the game for us. and knowing that you can win a game like that is important. and the giants are going to be starting without hunter pence, and top of the first, an
11:30 pm
brandon carter coming in off of ishikawa. and now, patrick duffy is going to waste no time against the right-hander, and the giants taking a 3-0 lead, and they go n toon the win. the cardinal are ranked third coming in with the golden bears and the fourth seed. and cal hosting washington. first half golden bears up and britney boyes taking it into the her own mat hands. and she has range with the jumper, and cal goes on the win it, 69-5 33, and they will face colorado in the semis. >> in the earlier quarterfinal to night, ucla and stanford this is down to the end, and
11:31 pm
amber puts the cardinal up three three, and finished with the game high 18. final seconds with the bruins down three, and carlina with the tie, and airball. stanford is going to be playing arizona state tomorrow winning 67 67-62. that is for it the sports on this friday night. more news coming up after the break. in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. ♪ ♪
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well officially the national day of unplugging, and we have all of the phones are on the set, don't we? but we are going out to enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. >> yes 76 in san jose in march, and 77 sunday, and san francisco the best on saturday, and cooler sunday and monday and tuesday, and how about the beach? yeah, we have the beach forecast for you, and saturday, is the best day to get out, and sunday, cooler and patchy fog so saturday is the day for that, and heading up to the lake tahoe, the spring e skiing conditions. >> the weekend is here, everyone. good night. >> bye. >> steve: from stage 1 at universal studios hollywood in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will smith rosamund pike


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